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Your questions answered on conservatorships. Please email Rita at  if you have additional questions that would be appropriate to add to these FAQs .
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There are many questions regarding Conservatorships and Guardianships. Here are just a few of the Frequently Asked Questions we've received. Please email me at the link above to send me additional questions you may have. We can then add these into the FAQ to help other parents understand the options they have for their disabled child.
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    What are "conservatorships"?
    "Conservatorships" are legal rights given to you by the court allowing you to make social, medical and financial choices on behalf of the "Conservatee," who is usually a disabled adult. You are the "Conservator."
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    Can you clarify what is a "general conservatorship"?
    General conservatorships are for people who can no longer care for themselves because of diminished physical or mental abilities caused by aging, sickness or accident.
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    What about "guardianships"?
    Conservatorships are often confused with guardianships. A guardianship is a court proceeding where a responsible person (the "guardian") is appointed to protect the person or estate of a minor.
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    Can you help me with my disabled child?
    “Limited conservatorships” are for individuals who are unable to care for themselves as a result of an Intellectual or Developmental Disability which began before 18.
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    I have an adult child who is disabled ... is there something I can do legally to protect him?
    “California limited conservatorships give family members the legal authority to care for loved ones over age 18 whose developmental disability impairs their ability to care for themselves.
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    How can I assist my adult child to live as "normally" as possible?
    Limited conservatorships are intended to enable the developmentally disabled to receive services in order to lead independent and productive lives, to the fullest extent possible.
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    Do you have additional questions?
    Please email Mrs Holder at so that we can add your questions to inform other parents who may be looking for solutions for their disabled child.