Tour Our Offices

It's just one block off Highway 680 to visit us in our offices.
Validated parking, a warm reception and a hot cup of coffee
are just a few of the ways we welcome you!
  1. Law Offices of Rita A. Holder
    Law Offices of Rita A. Holder
    A warm interior greets clients as they enter.
  2. Our Reception Area
    Our Reception Area
    Roma is sure to meet you with a smile when you arrive!
  3. Comfortable Surroundings
    Comfortable Surroundings
    Please, will you have a seat? Ms Holder will be right with you.
  4. Ms Holder's Office
    Ms Holder's Office
    A 4th floor view overlooks Treat Boulevard in Walnut Creek from Ms Holder's office
  5. Passion for Law
    Passion for Law
    Estate Planning Services is only one area of Ms Holder's expertise.
  6. Our Spacious Conference Room
    Our Spacious Conference Room
    Won't you have a seat? Would you like coffee or tea?
  7. Intimate Patio Setting
    Intimate Patio Setting
    Sometimes on those wonderful Northern California days, sitting on the patio is the best way to assist you.
  8. Rita Holder Law
    Rita Holder Law
    Be sure to take a business card for you, and one for someone who may need Ms Holder's services. We truly appreciate referrals!
  9. Rita A. Holder
    Rita A. Holder
    Offering a Free Consultation meeting, Mrs. Holder offers solutions to a variety of legal needs.
  10. Certifications
    Ms Holder worked hard to be able to be of service, and an outstanding lawyer.
  11. Urban West Business Park
    Urban West Business Park
    Easy off, easy on from Highway 680 in Walnut Creek, CA.
  12. Supreme Court of the State of California
    Supreme Court of the State of California
    Practicing Law is a passion of Mrs. Holder's.