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Special Needs Trusts

Frequently Asked Questions

A special needs trust (“SNT”) is set up for a disabled person to supplement any benefits the person may receive from government programs.

A special needs trust will allow the beneficiary to receive government benefits while still receiving funds from the trust.

The money to be paid into the SNT by the grantor (usually a parent) may not exceed the amount reasonably necessary to meet the "special needs" of the prospective trust beneficiary.

Basic needs include food, shelter, and medical care, which public benefits like SSI and Medi-Cal are intended to cover. So, a SNT may NOT be used for food, shelter, and medical care.
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    What is a Special Needs Trust?
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    How can the money be used?
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    How can I provide for my disabled child after my death?
  • Created by adding provisions for a to a new or existing living trust
  • Preserves public benefits for basic needs such as food, shelter and medical care, does not replace them
  • Allows individuals to benefit from a family inheritance without losing SSI and Medi-Cal
  • Trust money is controlled by a named trustee after your death
  • ​​ Medical expenses not covered by insurance, such as dental, physical therapy, and attendants
  • Education, rehabilitation and retraining
  • Transportation
  • Computers or electronic equipment
  • Ramps, wheelchairs and hoist
  • Trips, vacations, and entertainment  and more
  • We will help you set up a special needs trust which takes effect upon your death.
  • It will enable you to provide for your loved one without jeopardizing government benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid benefits.