Frequently Asked Questions

Many parents are pro-active in taking care of their adult child with a Special Needs Trust. This Frequently Asked Questions may give you a guide. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at the above email so we can look at adding them into this list for other parents.
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    What is a Special Needs Trust?
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    How can the money be used?
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    How can I provide for my disabled child after my death?
  • Created by adding provisions for a disabled child or adult to a new or existing living trust
  • Preserves public benefits for basic needs such as food, shelter and medical care, does not replace them
  • Allows individuals to benefit from a family inheritance without losing SSI and Medi-Cal
  • Trust money is controlled by a named trustee after your death
  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance (such as dental care, physical therapy, special diets and care attendants)
  • Education, rehabilitation and retraining
  • Transportation (including purchase of a vehicle, maintenance and insurance)
  • Computers or electronic equipment
  • Ramps, wheelchairs and hoists
  • Trips, vacations, and entertainment (such as movies, concerts, and sporting events)
  • Let us help you set up a special needs trust which takes effect upon your death. It will enable you to provide for your loved one with a disability without jeopardizing government benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid benefits.