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How can you prevent family conflict after you die?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Estate Planning

Your idea of how to distribute your assets may not make sense to some of your family members. In fact, they may try to convince you to change your mind.

Misunderstandings and confusion may increase the chances of family conflict after your death. This kind of tension may disrupt relationships and prevent your legacy from living on. Certain actions that you take throughout your life may reduce the risks of conflict and help you encourage unity in your family.

Involve everyone

One of the best ways to prevent conflict is to involve your family in planning your estate. Obviously, you deserve privacy and do not need to disclose your reason for everything you do. However, giving some context to your family and discussing your final wishes can encourage understanding, tolerance and flexibility. Telling your family who will oversee which responsibilities may reduce the risks of disagreements from happening because of confusion over roles.

Educate everyone

Because you cannot guarantee that conflict will never happen, you may want to think about strategies for conflict resolution that your family can use. According to CNBC, emotions can sometimes get in the way of rational thought when your family meets to close your estate. You may consider bringing everyone together for a discussion about how to resolve conflicts if they arise.

You can also provide ideas for a third party who can give a rational perspective if conflicts do happen. Talking with your family about your desire for them to love each other and grieve together may help them to remember you when things get tough.