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What are the types of conservatorships?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Firm News

Conservatorships for an adult allow someone else to have control over that person’s life and decision-making. Because it is such a huge responsibility and robs the person of his or her personal freedoms, the court takes it incredibly seriously when starting a conservatorship.

According to the Judicial Branch of California, there are different types of conservatorships based on the needs of the individual.


An LPS conservatorship is for someone who has a mental illness that requires special care. This type of arrangement is only for someone who is in a facility or other limited situation where they get extensive treatment. The court needs to grant this type of conservatorship when the person refuses to get treatment and needs help to avoid harming himself or herself or others.


General conservatorships are a type of probate conservatorship. They are for adults who cannot take care of themselves for some reason. They may need help with managing their whole life or only a certain element, such as finances.


A limited conservatorship involves someone with a developmental disability who does not have the cognitive ability to care for him or herself like your average adult. They can do some things and have the ability to be a part of their care.

The court may also award a temporary conservatorship if there is an emergency need for one. The court will look at all evidence and require medical documentation to award a conservatorship of any kind because it will take away at least some of the person’s freedom. It is possible to end a conservatorship if the person’s circumstances change and they no longer meet the requirements for the need for the arrangement.