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Estate Planning And Probate Services Since 1983

Rita Holder Law is a premier estate planning law firm with a reputation for cost-effective, high-quality service. As a former probate court judge, Holder has a deep understanding of California law and how decisions you make while drafting a will or trust will impact your heirs after your gone. For more than 35 years, residents in the East Bay area have trusted attorney Rita Holder for their wills, trusts and probate law needs.

Estate Planning Services

Estate planning primarily involves wills, trusts, powers of attorney and guardianships. Depending on the size and complexity of your estate, you may need all of these planning tools, just one or a specific combination of documents to meet your needs. Services we provide include:

We also provide assistance to families going through probate after the loss of a loved one. Rita Holder’s experience as a probate judge makes her an ideal representative to help guide you through the probate process.

When A Will Or Trust Is Missing

Wills and trusts are sometimes lost or nonexistent. When documents cannot be located, the deceased is considered intestate. At this point, your loved one’s estate goes to probate court where the state begins its meticulous process of searching for heirs, creditors and assets. Without an attorney to help guide you, probate can drag on for years. Rita Holder uses her experience as a probate judge to help you through the probate process and free up your inheritance.

Estate Planning And Tax Law

In case you didn’t know, your real estate and other assets pass to your beneficiaries without them paying any income tax or federal estate taxes. Yes, it’s true. That’s because for 2020, the estate and gift tax exemption is $11,580,000 Million per individual.  That’s right.  An individual may leave $11.58 Million to their heirs without paying any federal estate or gift tax. A married couple may leave twice that: $23,160,000.

Very, very few of us have that kind of money. The high limit means that 99% of Americans don’t pay estate or gift taxes.

Contact The Estate Planning Lawyers At Rita Holder Law

For assistance drafting a will or trust or any other kind of estate planning need, contact Rita Holder Law by calling 925-401-7885 or completing our online contact form.