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Can my loved one have different conservators of their person and estate?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2023 | Conservatorship

When our loved ones can no longer care for themselves, our worries multiply. Those concerns will not instantly vanish even if the court appoints a conservator to look after them.

While conservatorship is not a new concept, many people have little to no knowledge about it. One of the reasonable concerns is whether there could be different conservators to handle loved ones and their estates.

The law does not prohibit it

A conservatorship in California helps a person who needs assistance with their care and the management of their finances since they can no longer do those things on their own.

In many cases, people only need help in either one of the two. Hence, the courts usually appoint one conservator. However, in situations wherein an individual needs help in both their care and protection and oversight of their finances and other assets, the court could either appoint one person to be the conservator of both or appoint two different people to handle each of the concerns.

An advantage of having two conservators

Having separate conservators can actually benefit the conservatee, especially if the latter has many personal needs and multiple financial and estate affairs. Each of the two conservators can focus on their respective duties, not having to deal with responsibility beyond what they can manage.

Seeking the best for our loved ones

Our concerns for our elderly loved ones are valid. Even though we cannot care for them ourselves, we seek conservatorship with the intent of giving them the sufficient care they need. As part of our request for conservatorship, we must ensure that we know how the law works and how it will protect our loved ones and their assets.