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Why you should consider creating a trust for your pet

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Estate Planning, Trusts

Your pet is more than just an animal, they are your family. They are a living, furry confidant who has provided you joy like no other. Yet, have you considered what may happen to your animal companion if something unexpected happens to you? Few people do.

In California, you can set up a pet trust, a legally binding document that helps assure the well-being and care of your pet.

Setting up a pet trust can offer you peace of mind

As a dedicated pet owner, you strive to keep your pet safe and healthy at all times. A California pet trust can allow you to continue caring for your pet even after you pass away. It can help you set aside funds and lay out a plan for their care. Through this document, you can name a trustee to oversee the distribution of funds and a caregiver to look after your pet according to your wishes.

Some concerns you may want to specify on the pet trust are:

  • Grooming routines
  • Food and diet
  • Preferred toys
  • Medical care
  • Reimbursement procedures
  • Disposition of pet’s remains
  • Compensation for the caregiver

A well-structured pet trust may help dispel any worries about your pet’s future well-being. You can set up the trust to take effect upon your death or when you become incapacitated. It will also remain enforceable for the duration of your pet’s life. This legal tool compels your trustee to honor the terms you set, protecting the funds you set aside from misuse.

Establishing a pet trust

Considering the possibilities of legal disputes, it may be wise to set up a pet trust with the help of a lawyer. A comprehensive pet trust should fully address your pet’s future needs and manage the flow of funds, ensuring their continued happiness and care.