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Handling inheritances when beneficiaries do not get along

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Estate Planning

Dealing with an inheritance can be tough, especially since the topic usually comes up when someone is in ill health or has recently passed. It is even more frustrating when the recipients of the inheritance have personal problems with each other that make communication difficult or impossible.

Here are some ways to handle inheritances in the unfortunate event that beneficiaries do not get along.

Set up legal documents beforehand

Getting affairs in order before the benefactor passes away is important regardless of the circumstances. However, getting all the documents squared away is even more essential when there is reason to believe that those inheriting an estate may have conflicts with each other along the way. Explicitly noting what each beneficiary is set to inherit can go a long way toward preventing clashes and disagreements between family members.

Consider giving items when still alive

It may be a good idea for a benefactor to give away some gifts before they pass. Often, relatives are less likely to squabble over gifts when handed out by someone who is still living.

Involve a third party

Sometimes, it is helpful to have an outside party to mediate conflicts within a family or other group of beneficiaries. This way, there are no accusations that someone giving advice might be taking one person’s side over another.

Knowing how to handle inheritances within families that experience conflict makes everyone’s lives easier. It is ideal to have the least amount of stress possible on both the beneficiaries and the benefactors.